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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Immigrants Following the Maylfowers: England's Fortune Ship Passengers of 1621:

1621 Immigrants to America: 

Those on board the 1621 English ship Fortune included: Adams, Bissite, Beal, De La Noye, Pitt, Steward, Winslow, Wright,Hilton, Palmer, Morgau,Flavel, Ford, Hicks,Dean,Conor, Brewster, Brigg, Canon, Deau, Cushman, Foord (Ford),Simonsou, Prince, etc..

Of those immigrant lines above, others lineages ( including of those immigrants who arrived later) started and grew in the thirteen colonies of America, including the following surname lines:

Riggs Family of England (1590) to Boston, MA 1633: surnames include: Condict, Rose, Herrick, Wheeler,Conger, Hudson, Cook, Blatchley,Potter, Eckhart, Dover, Stanborrough, McCabe, Brown, Durham, King, Wheeler, Warner, Lamson,


The Ford/Foord, Condict, Odell, Baldwin, Kitchell Families:  And other surnames: Arnold, Tuthill, Tucker,Dunham, Stiles,Tuttle, Hoagland, Hoff, Kent, Hancock, DeCamp,Raynor, Jennings, Phillips,Kenny, Johnes,Thomas, Dingey,



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