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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Cunditts of Wales(1574): Origins of John Cunditt (of Cundit,Cundict,Condict & Condit families)?

Here we find, (across the seas as our ancestors hint many times), Cunditts in Wales where John Cunditt (the ancestor of   Cundict, Condit lines in America??) , who journeyed by ship to America.
CUNDITTS are registered in the Parish Register of Durnford, Wiltshire Wales,  Marriage Records 1574-1600 but that still does not conclude it was the original surname of John Condict, the ancestor of nearly all living Condict & Condit lines, as no early generations in America spelled their name that way, although many others often misspelled it:

There is reference in 1592 of Richard Williams & Hellen Cundict (11/26/1592), and of George Cunditt & Margaret Girle (1599).

Thursday, May 12, 2016

John Conduitt, Westminister Abbey, Parliament

Said to be related to Cunditts, Cundits, Condits,Condicts of America: John Conduitt (1688-1737): Master of the Royal Mint, Parliament member, married Sir Isaac Newton's neice, Barton/Wallop:



Harrisons of England, Cundits

Harrison of England and connections and marriage to Peter Cunditt,Cundit (of Condict and Condit family tree):



Richard Harrison Children: Samuel, #5, father to Mary Harrison Cundit (Peter) Peter Cundit: From the Calendar of Wills, Colonial Documents...:
SAMUEL HARRISON, of Newark, Essex Co., Yoeman, will of. Wife Mary, sole excutrix. Children -- Samuel, John, Mary wife of Peter Cundit, Sarah, wife of Nathaniel Ward, Susanna, wife of Samuel Ward, Abigail and Elener. Real and personal estate. Witnesses: Jonathan Crane, John Johnson, Jr., John Cooper.
PROVED December 12, 1724.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

John Cunditt/Condict ancestor to America: from Wales, England, Normandy France (1678)

John Cunditt/Cundit/ Condict / Cundict/Condit...of Norman descent: CONDICT on his gravestone in his church burial ground:



Nothing like an old church record and a etched stone gravestone to say it all: Leaving the old, historical remnants of the name for others to trace the origins of the family name often lost and forgotten in history, unlike some family genealogy books who authors used one universal name (theirs!) to tag all their descendants. Seem the history of a family name is always evolving.

From the Presbyterian Church Graveyard & Info:

Note:  One side of this obelisk carries the inscription "John Condict,  of Norman descent,  from Wales to America in 1678,  d.  in Newark,  1713,  leaving one son,  Peter,  who d.  1714,  his sons were Samuel,  Peter 2d [Peter & Phebe],  John,  Nathaniel,  Phillip [Philip & Mary],  & Isaac.  Peter 2d d.  Morristown,  1768;  his sons were Joseph,  Nathaniel,  Ebenezer,  Silas and Peter 3d.  Peter 3d d. 1774,  leaving three sons,  Edward,  Byram,  and Lewis.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Dodds in the Revolutionary War: Dodds married into the Condict family. Note: History shows the surname spelling with numerous variations, spelled by others, but the ancestor, John Condict, and the early generations, specifically those of the Revolutionary War period, were Condict, including those branches that intermarried with JOHN ALDEN lines, and the same of which and others, that can be traced to Kings of England & Scotland, specifically to King John Lackland, aka, King PLANTAGNET, and date back to the Charlemagne & the first French dynasty, the Merovingians.

Abiel Dodd, Abijah Dodd, Abitha Dodd, David Dodd, Dekoda Dodd, Ebenezer Dodd, Eliezer Dodd, Silas Dodd, in Second Essex Regiment; also in Captain Craig’s Company, State troops. Isaac Dodd,
Privates— Israel Dodd, James Dodd, Jesse Dodd, in Captain Dodd’sCompany, Second Essex; also in State troops, and in Continental Army. John Dodd, in Second Essex; also in State troops, Captain Craig’s Company. Joseph Dodd, Joshua Dodd, Matthew Dodd, Matthias Dodd, Moses Dodd, Parmenus Dodd, Thomas Dodd, Timothy Dodd, in Captain Dodd’s Company;


Condicts & Condits in the Revolutionary War: New Jersey

Condicts (often misspelled as Condit) in Revolutionary War as all the early generations were Condict, like the ancestor, John CONDICT's, surname: In Captain Squire's Company, New Jersey:  http://newarkmilitary.com/revenlistedmen.php

History of Essex and Hudson Counties: New Jersey: Chapter XII: Essex County in the Revolutionary War:

John Compton, Daniel Condict, Nathaniel Condict, Amos Condit, Enoch, Condit, Isaac Condit, Jeptha Condit, in Captain Squires’ Company, Second Essex Regiment. Japhsah Condit, Japtha Condit, Joel Condit, Moses Condit, Samuel Condit, Simon Condit, Timothy Condit, Jonathan Conger, in Captain Lyon’s Company.

Sources for Old Historical Records: 1600-1800, Newark, NJ

Newark, NJ historical resources:

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Axtell and Condict


Jemima Condict's Revolutionary War Era Diary Surnames

Jemima CONDICT's lineage: of John Condict (the Norman descent ancestor to America in 1678, from Wales, from England?, from Normandy France?), is inscribed in stone at the Condict family memorial/cenotaph on Find A Grave.
Likely misspelled by others (not family) with surname variations  as Cundit, Cunditt or Cundict, one can find Jemima Condict (in her famous Revolutionary War era diary), and the Honorable Silas Condict to state the  surname spellings of their family as Condict--with the 2nd "c."
The likely source of genealogy source confusion could be the two Condit Family Association genealogy books by its two Condit authors/ genealogists,Jotham and Eben Condit, who mention known surname variations (both by others and by family) in the books' intros, along with mention of their descendant indexing system by which most all the descendants in their 1885 and 1916 books are indexed and numbered with the surname of Condit even though the authors were aware of the Condict family memorial. The Jemima Condict Diary translation did not come until 1930 in a book that translates the entire diary : source is New Jersey Historical Society:

Condict, Jemima, 1754-1779.

Title: Jemima Condict Diary


Abstract: Kept by a young girl who lived in the village of Pleasantdale (now part of West Orange), Essex County, New Jersey, and was married to Aaron Harrison. Published as Jemima Condict Her Book, Being a Transcript of the Diary of and Essex County Maid during the Revolutionary War (Newark, 1930) (call# R.B. Car 13); also in Elizabeth Evans, Weathering the Storm: Women of the American Revolution (New York, ca. 1975) (call# 973.315 Ev15), pgs. 33-51.

Other links to Jemima's diary and surnames of Condict:  http://njahgp.genealogyvillage.com/death-records-from-an-okd-diary-1772-1778.html





sources at New Jersey Historical Society:   New Jersey Historical Society, Documents, Manuscripts, Maps, & Photographs, Manuscript Group 123, Jemima Condict (1754-1779), Diary, 1772-1779, 0.25 linear feet / 2 folders, Call Number: MG 123