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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Rebels Against Taxes Started A Movement in 1776: A Revolutionary War general's opposition to the Stamp Act

Brigidier General (and General George Washington confidant),  William Winds, was a British Crown convert who became an American patriot during the Revolutionary War. He was no wilting flower or silent bystander, but an American colonist with courage who took action for a worthy cause known as the American Revolution that would help form America's colonies and define its enduring beliefs and principles upon which we draw from today in our Constitution.

He was appointed Justice of the Peace by King William, III, after serving as a British Captain in the French and Indian War. But, it was not long before General Winds rebelled against the King of England 's taxing crown government, and became an American colonist patriot, refusing to enforce the Stamp Act for which he was appointed.
He became a confidant of Gen. George Washington, and was deeply involved with the Continental Congress delegates with the New Jersey Assembly, appointed Chairman of the Freeholders to select America's first Congress-- the Continental Congress.  He was involved with the Treaty of Paris. He fought beside General George Washington at the Battle of Monmouth. He was an American patriot.

Other info on Brigadier General William Winds:
The will of William Winds:  http://njdigitalhistory.org/NJDHA/items/show/350   noting his daughter Abigail.

General William Winds of the Revolutionary War and his family links:

His daughter was Abigail Winds Condict, who married Nathaniel Condict ( of Peter, of Peter Condict of John Condict the Norman ancestor, aka Condit by the Condit Family Association genealogy books/lines, but spelled Condict with the second "c"). The family surname is also documented in the Jemima Condict Revolutiionary War-era diary housed by the New Jersey Historical Society.



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